Ancient Geometry and Art

with Instructors Augustus Clark and Robin Carter

Explore how the ancients used geometry to create design. The full five-day course looks at prehistoric symbols, circles in nature and art, using a compass and ruler to draw tilings, tessellations, and regular polygons, the Fibonacci series, golden ratio, drawing the Nautilus spiral, and the Platonic solids.

Weekly on Saturdays 10-12Noon June 22 – July 20

Augustus Clark Gallery at C Street Studios 208 C Street Eureka, California 95501

Single class $40/Full 5-classes $160

Required Materials

Compass for drawing circles





No math beyond arithmetic needed.


Saturday, June 22 Introduction, pre-historic symbols common around the world, basic vocabulary of geometry and circles: center, radius, degrees, Babylonian roots, 7 overlapping circles and the Flower of Life, Hexagonal grids, and 5-overlapping circles with 4- and 8-symmetries.

Saturday, June 29 Lesson 2 Circle design share, tesselations and tiling basics.

Saturday July 6 Lesson 3 Introduction, geometric construction in Euclid, drawing regular polygons using the Vesica Pisces with compass and ruler: triangle, hexagon, square, pentagon.

Saturday July 13 Lesson 4 Platonic Solids, draw regular polygon net, use regular polygon nets to fold paper into 3-d geometries

Saturday July 20 Lesson 5 Fibonacci sequence, golden ratio, gnomens, Nautilus shell, and Golden Triangle.

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